Hip Tightening Workout

1.  Front Thigh

My mom, who recently adopted Fit4God principles by dropping gluten, most grains, industrial fats and sugar, has lost a TON of weight. I’m not sure how much (she’s not telling), but what I do know is that she looks GORGEOUS! But her newfound figure as also partially attributable to a terrific … [Read more...]

What High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Can Do for YOU!


Cut your workout time in third, and get better results - what's not to love about that? We’ve all heard a lot about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) lately, and for very good reason. Study after study has been demonstrating that short but intense workouts (10-20 minutes twice a week) are … [Read more...]

5 Minute Power Workout


Warm-up-Jog in place for 30 seconds followed by 10 seconds stretching try to touch hands to the ground, 10 seconds rest, 10 seconds try to touch hands to the ground. Tip-when doing these try to take as little rest between sets as possible. Squats-15-30 seconds- When doing these go down as … [Read more...]