Fit4God Principles 1, 2, and 3: Sleep, Sun, and Supplements

The most important parts of Fit4God are eliminating toxins (Principle #4), eating nourishing foods (Principle #5), and getting proper exercise (Principle #6). We’ll be talking about the nutrition portion in our Life Transformation Class during the next 9 weeks, and you can read about it here , here , here , and here . But to get off to a really good start, you first need to dial in your sleep, sun, and supplements. Here are the basics you need to know:


Principle #1: Get Quality Sleep

Poor Sleep is Related to:
• Obesity
• Diabetes
• Fatty liver disease
• Depression
• Psychological illness
• Systemic inflammation
• Shrinking brain matter
• High blood pressure
• Increased mortality risk

High Quality Sleep is Related to:
• Increase in Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
• Cellular repair
• Immune system activity
• Increased problem solving skills
• Increased creativity
• Increased optimism/positivity
• Increased athletic performance
• Increased energy
• Reduced risk of common cold
• More resilience when under stress

How to Get High Quality Sleep
• Work with natural circadian rhythms by managing light
• Dim the lights when the sun goes down
• Expose yourself to bright light upon wakening
• No electronics (TV, computer) 2 hours before bed
• Use yellow tinted glasses to filter out blue light that interferes with melatonin production
• Make your bedroom completely dark – you shouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of your face
• No night lights
• Put dark felt over your alarm clock and other lights
• Use blackout curtains
• Read before bed
• Drink chamomile tea before bed
• Supplement with magnesium
• Take Epsom Salt baths (2 cups in bathtub for 12 minutes 3x per week)
• Supplement with Melatonin if you need help getting to sleep

Principle #2: Get Some Daily Sun

• Vitamin D deficiency may be the biggest nutrient deficiency of modern society
• Vitamin D is critical for: Immune function, Calcium metabolism, Preventing and healing autoimmune disease, Thyroid function
• 15 minutes of midday sun should be sufficient

• If you can’t get midday sun, or if you have autoimmune disease, you should supplement
• Get your 25(OH)D levels tested by your doctor
• You want your 25(OH)D to be in the range of 40 – 60 ng/mL
• Start with 4000 IU per day, then test again in 2 months
• 1000 IU will bring your level up about 10 ng/mL
• Vitamin D is toxic at very high levels, don’t go above 5,000 without doctor supervision (toxicity not likely until 20,000)

Supplement Wisely

Take a daily multivitamin – look for one with selenium, copper, and iodine
Take a daily probiotic (Pearls is a good brand, there are others)
Get your daily Vitamin D (if you don’t get enough sun)
• 2000 – 4000 IU per day for adults
• 1000 IU per 50 pounds of body weight for children

Maybe also supplement with the following:
• Omega-3 – 2 – 3 g per day
• Magnesium – 400 mg per day
• Vitamin C – 500 mg to 1 g per day

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  1. I googled adrenal fatigue/dr.lam and found your website. I am trying to research his work and decide if I want to use his services. He sounds like a reputable competent dr. I have very bad digestions problems and I don’t seem to respond well to their programs. And I don’t take supplements very well either.
    I like your website and your attitude toward God and life in spite of your food challenges. That encourages me. Keep us the good work. Hey, I’m located over here in Mesquite, Tx. Your not too far way, correct? Best, Melanie


  1. [...] Sleep It is critical to sleep as much as possible to allow the body to rest and recover. You will want to aim to be asleep between 10 pm and 7 am or even 8 am. You must be in bed and on your way to sleep by 10 pm so as to avoid the 11 pm cortisol squirt that will then keep you up until 1 am. To ensure a good night’s sleep, and to help your body fall asleep, you will want to dim lights after 8 pm, use no electronics (TV, computer, etc.) after 8 pm, and go to bed in complete darkness. You should not be able to see your hand in front of your face. This means you will need some blackout liners on your curtains, and you will need to use some dark colored felt to cover up any red or yellow lights emitted by electronics or alarm clocks in your room. For more information on getting good sleep, see my article on  Sleep, Sun, and Supplements. [...]