Going Shopping for New Foods: A Shopping List

One of our Action Items for Week 2 is to go shopping for some new pantry and fridge staples! After you read Toxic Food Extermination (A.K.A Purge Your Pantry)! , you may be wondering exactly what you ought to purchase to get you started on Fit4God. Keeping in mind which recipes I have planned for upcoming Recipes of the Week, and also which recipes most people like to make on Fit4God, here is a suggested list of new foods you might want to buy. I put in parentheses where I have found those items, as not all of them are available at all stores. Hope this helps!

1. Eggs for breakfast and snacks– Pastured eggs are best (Sprouts). If you can’t find those, get organic, cage-free, hormone and antibiotic free eggs (Kroger) or omega-3 enriched eggs (Walmart).

2. Heavy whipping cream for coffee and berries, if you can tolerate dairy (any store)

3. Pastured butter for cooking and dressing veggies (Kroger, Sprouts) – get regular butter if you can’t afford pastured butter

4. Coconut Oil for cooking and adding to hot tea or coffee – Tropical Traditions brand organic is best (Kroger or Sprouts); Lou Ana brand is more refined, but less expensive and just fine (Kroger or Walmart).

5. Pure olive oil for salad dressings and light sautéing – either light or dark are fine (any store)

6. Raw unfiltered honey for sweetener (any store)

7. 100% pure maple syrup for pancakes and sweetener (any store)

8. Canned coconut milk (any store) for Week 3 Pumpkin Coconut Pancakes

9. Canned salmon (any store) for Week 4 Sammie Patties

10. Redmond’s Real Salt (this is sea salt, you can find it at Sprouts or many Target stores)

11. Coconut flour (Sprouts only) for Week 3 Pumpkin Coconut Pancakes

12. Oat bran or plain rice cakes to use as a binder for recipes like Meatloaf and Sammie Patties

13. Pumpkin seeds for snacking (any store)

14. Macadamia nuts for snacking (any store)

15. San-J brand organic Tamari sauce (this is a delicious gluten-free sauce that is like a strong soy sauce, use it for Maple Mustard Glazed Salmon

If you plan to do any gluten-free baking (such as Banana Muffins (Gluten-Free) or Pumpkin Bread you may want to get the following ingredients to make Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour Blend :

1. White rice flour (most Walmarts and Krogers have it in their gluten-free section, Sprouts also has it)
2. Brown rice flour
3. Potato starch (not potato flour)
4. Tapioca starch
5. Xanthan gum

Remember: Gluten-free baking should NOT be a staple in your diet unless you are a growing child, a slender adult, or a serious exerciser. Gluten-free baking should be an occasional treat for most people! Remember, you have to EARN your carbs!

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