His Strength Made Perfect in Our Weakness

Is it time for you to stop struggling so hard with trying to live a healthy lifestyle? Pause for a moment and listen to God’s voice as He speaks to you: “Plant your weakness in the garden of My strength and stand in awe as My perfect grace transforms it into something beautiful!”


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Do you know that you are not alone in your struggle with healthy living, in your struggle to keep your Temple clean and strong? Many others have struggled as well, including some who we consider among the most godly!

In the Bible, in the Apostle Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, we learn that Paul has some sort of “thorn in the flesh.” We are never told specifically what that “thorn” might be. Personally, I believe that we are never told specifically what that thorn is for a very good reason. If we do not know what Paul’s thorn is, it is easier for us to relate his struggle to whatever it is that we struggle with in our own lives.

Let’s pause for a moment to review who the Apostle Paul was and what his life was all about. Remember that Paul was originally named Saul. As Saul, he was a Jewish Pharisee who was one of the biggest enemies of the new church that followed Jesus. His life was all about trying to squash Christianity, and he did so with great violence.

As Saul walked on the road to Damascus one day, he experienced a miraculous encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. This encounter changed his life forever. Jesus renamed him Paul, and sent him out to spend the rest of his life spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Paul became perhaps the greatest evangelist this world has ever known.

So, Paul was on a mission to tell the world about Jesus. He’d been sent on that mission by Jesus himself through a very powerful and very personal encounter. Do you think that made Paul a busy guy? Do you think he was consumed with a million places to go and a million things to do? You bet he was!

We all know that the busyness of life can get in the way of taking care of personal issues that we carry. We do not know how long Paul carried his “thorn in the flesh” before he cried out to the Lord for help. But from my understanding of Paul’s character, I believe it was probably a good long time! He was driven. He was focused on his work. He probably thought he could handle it on his own and didn’t want to give it much attention.

Like you and me, he probably thought he could handle it on his own. But also like you and me, he finally reached his breaking point. He realized he couldn’t handle it on his own, and it wasn’t going to just go away. The Bible tells us that he eventually asked the Lord three different times to take away that thorn in his side.

Now, this is the apostle Paul we are talking about here! This is the same man who had simply laid his hands on the sick and seen them miraculously healed! Don’t you think that the first time he asked for his thorn to be taken away that he fully expected it happen right then?

Yet, he asked the Lord twice for help, and he received nothing!

I know if I had been in Paul’s shoes, I would have been astounded that I had not been healed of my thorn!

I would have cried out, “Wait a minute, Lord! You will heal the sick that probably don’t even deserve it, but I, who have dedicated my life to serving you, get nothing?” Paul was human! He had to have been frustrated. Maybe he even felt angry with God.

Now, let’s focus on you.

Where you are in your journey?

Are you frustrated that you have not been able to get your weight under control?

Have you asked the Lord for help and felt like there was no answer?

Maybe you have never tried to turn this area of your life over to the Lord because maybe deep down you thought that God really wouldn’t care.

But let’s pick up Paul’s story again after he made that second request for help.

Surely Paul thought to himself, “I will ask The Lord for help one more time, and He will take it away for sure.”

But the Lord, in His infinite wisdom, had other plans.

I am going to take some liberty here, so bear with me…

God spoke to Paul and said to him, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength (power) is made perfect in weakness…”

Here is what I think the Lord was saying to Paul in this moment: “Paul, I have given you many gifts that you have used to glorify Me. But now, you have a chance to REALLY show My power. For you see, Paul, when you turn this weakness over to Me, LOOK OUT! People will know that I am truly at work because in your weakness you trusted Me. Turn it over to me, Paul, and watch My power shine brighter than it has ever shown in your life before!”

All of us have God-given gifts and talents that we use to glorify the Lord. This is expected of us. Usually, it is easy to use these talents because it is what we love to do.

But the weak areas of our life…that tends to be a whole different story. If you are like me, you would rather hide these areas of weakness.

But what if those weak areas of your life are really the areas of your life where God wants to shine the brightest?

Listen to these words: “My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

What could this possibly look like in your life?

As you progress in this battle to take care of God’s temple, you will see a transformation in your body. It may be slow, but it will happen!

As you lose weight and get healthier and stronger and more vital, inevitably someone is going to notice your transformation and ask you what you are doing. Probably a quite a few people will ask you about it.

Now just imagine what an opportunity that will be to glorify God!

If someone asked me about my own transformation from overweight and poor health to fit and vital, my answer would be something like this:

“You know, God really impressed upon me that my body is His temple and that I needed to take care of it. So I have made a lifestyle change. I exercise, and I eat real nourishing foods that keep me full and give me a ton of energy. It has not been easy, because I have struggled with this for a long time, but the Lord has worked in a mighty way in me! Praise the Lord! It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! Thank you for noticing. That means a lot to me.”

What an example you could be of God’s strength in your own area of weakness! He gets the glory because you were obedient and turned this area of your life completely over to Him!

Picture that day. Pray for that day. Prepare for that day by turning this weakness over to Him.

Do you really want to hold on to this? How has holding on tight worked out for you so far?

I can take a few guesses at what some of the results have been. Fatigue, depression, low self-esteem, anger…does that sound familiar?

Friends, God is whispering into your life. I believe he has brought many of you to Fit4God specifically for this purpose. Listen to His voice: “Plant your weakness in the garden of my strength and stand in awe as my perfect grace transforms it into something beautiful!”

Be healthy, be strong, be Fit4God!

Glenn Turney


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  1. Brandy Amos says:

    Thank you so much!!! You just do not realize how the Holy Spirit was speaking to me through your posting! That fatigue, depression, anger I can so relate to and I am ready to give Him this life long thorn! He will receive all the Glory!