Q&A: What to Eat for Lunch Instead of Sandwiches

Good morning everyone! I got a couple of great questions from one of our new Fit4God folks this morning and I thought there might be some others wondering the same things. He asked about milk…if we’re trying to increase our fat, should we be drinking whole milk instead of lowfat milk (yes), and would soy milk be a good alternative (no)? Also, he was making our Recipe of the Week, Chicken Vegetable Soup II – Slowly Cooked Version , and wondered what to serve with it instead of corn bread, which is what they would usually think to serve with a stew. Here goes……!

Yes, you should choose whole milk over lowfat milk. In fact, research tells us that lowfat and skim milk appear to be related to certain cancers (ovarian, prostate) while whole milk is not, and even appears to be protective (colorectal cancer) or neutral.

Also keep in mind that insulin response to carbohydrate is mitigated by fat content. You want a low insulin response because high insulin in the blood is toxic, and chronically high insulin, such as we see on the Standard American Diet (SAD) leads to Metabolic Syndrome, which leads to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. So low fat or skim milk, because their fats have been artificially removed, are highly insulinogenic, while full fat milk is much less so. Lowfat milk is also likely to trigger hunger cravings after the blood sugar level drops.

A few other issues, which we will discuss in detail when we have our lesson on dairy: For people with weight problems, blood sugar issues, or metabolic syndrome, milk is relatively high in carbs and may cause problems. For someone with a healthy metabolism, it’s fine. Also some people can’t tolerate milk because they are lactose intolerant (get digestive upset from it), they have a problem with the protein (they get autoimmune disease symptoms), or they get congested and mucusy from it.

As for soy, definitely don’t do soy milk! Soy has phytoestrogens that mimic estrogen in the body and with the possible exception of menopausal women, no one should have it. It’s also been genetically modified, which means we don’t know what the long term effects of consumption are.

For those who can’t do dairy, coconut milk (So Delicious and Silk both have brands that are widely available at grocery stores) works really well and has a good protein/fat/carb profile. My son and I, who get congested from dairy, use coconut milk all the time. Bonus: you get medium-chain triglycerides from coconut, which is a clean burning fuel for the body and can help with weight loss.

On to corn bread: I’d like for people to not eat corn bread because 1) corn is hard for the body to digest, 2) corn contains antinutrients that prevent the body from utilizing vitamins and minerals, 3) it is highly insulinogenic, and 4) it is high in carb, which is bad for weight control and weight loss. One thing that is likely to happen with Fit4God eating is that you will simplify your meals. Dinner can be just a bowl of soup and that is all you need. Or dinner can be a meat and one vegetable rather than a meat and two veggies and a roll. This is nice…it actually simplifies meal preparation and clean up. I generally have just a bowl of soup and some berries with coconut milk poured over top for lunch. For dinner, if you want to have a little starch or carb with your meal (meeting your glucose needs each day with 200-400 calories from almost pure glucose such as rice or potatoes is a good idea especially for lean people), then you can put a dollop of cooked white rice into your bowl as you serve it, or you could serve some sweet potato fries or Oven Roasted Potatoes . I do have some recipes on the web site for Banana Muffins (Gluten-Free) and Pumpkin Bread (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free) , which you could try if you have a healthy metabolism and no disease. If you have metabolic issues or autoimmune disease, save those for later after you have healed.

That’s all for now! I’m thrilled to hear that so many of you are trying the Recipe of the Week and I welcome all your questions! (Believe it or not, it’s actually FUN for me to answer these!)

Remember, your body is a temple of God’s Holy Spirit…treat it with the utmost care and respect! Not only does that honor our loving God, but it will reap generous rewards in health and energy!

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  1. Aubre Rice says:

    Hello! I have been reading over this website for the past week and am excited to get started eating healthy! I purged my pantry today and am going shopping next week. I would love if you could give me a list of staples to have on hand for all food categories (dairy, protien, etc). I would love a good reference page that has all the info in one place as far as restocking your kitchen. THanks so much!