Ham n Egg Hashbrown Breakfast Cups

Ham n Eg Hashbrown Breakfast Cups

Ingredients 7 thin slices of pre-cooked ham 2 pastured eggs 1 - 1 1/2 cups refrigerated shredded hashbrowns 4-5 dashes salt 4-5 dashes garlic powder 4-5 dashes onion powder 2-3 dashes ground pepper 1 teaspoon dried chives Directions Heat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly … [Read more...]

Hamburger Vegetable Soup Italian Style

Fit4God Hamburger Vegetable Soup

Ingredients 2 pounds grass-fed ground beef 2 onions, chopped 2 cups sliced carrots 2 cups frozen peas 2-3 cups chopped cabbage (1) 28-ounce can diced tomatoes (plain) (1) 28-ounce can diced tomatoes with Italian seasonsing (basil, oregano etc) 3-4 cups beef broth 6-7 cups … [Read more...]

Bye Bye Hunger Adrenal Support Soup

Bye Bye Hunger Adrenal Suppor Soup

Okay, so I totally admit that's a really weird name for a soup! Not exactly the most epicurean of names! But I couldn't get this name out of my head, because it describes it so well! This recipe is adapted from Sally Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions" book, where it went by the name "Dr. Connelly's … [Read more...]

A Fit4God Thanksgiving Feast

thanksgiving cranberries

Did you know that the average person gains 7 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s? Ugh! Maybe that’s why we see so many ads for gym memberships come January 2nd! No one wants to GAIN 7 pounds…in fact, most of us want to LOSE 7 pounds (or more!).But tight pants, muffin tops, and food comas … [Read more...]

Surviving Halloween When You Are Fit4God


Halloween is just around the corner and the candy has already started flowing into our house, thanks to a Halloween party at my daughter’s preschool today. I can already feel my teeth clenching as I look at the assorted goodies…cookies, Teddy Grahams, Ring Pops, Pixie sticks, gummy eyeballs. It … [Read more...]

How Many Carbohydrates Should You Eat?

Is carbohydrate the body’s preferred fuel? According to Paul Jaminet, PhD: One often hears that glucose is the body’s “primary fuel.” This is quite mistaken. It is true that all human cells can, if need be, metabolize glucose. But mitochondria, the energy producers in most human cells, … [Read more...]

Q&A: Are Nuts Healthy?

Good morning health-seekers! I got a great question by email last night from a Ft4God-er and thought I'd share my reponse. He wanted to know why I said I'd take macadamia nuts with me if I were stranded on a desert island, stacked up, and what other nutritious snacks he could have at work. The email … [Read more...]

My Journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

This is the story of my struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and my ability to live almost normally and mostly symptom-free by managing my diet. I had always been blessed with fairly good health, although I was given to broken bones as a child. But that all changed after the birth of my first child in … [Read more...]

Going Shopping for New Foods: A Shopping List

One of our Action Items for Week 2 is to go shopping for some new pantry and fridge staples! After you read Toxic Food Extermination (A.K.A Purge Your Pantry)! , you may be wondering exactly what you ought to purchase to get you started on Fit4God. Keeping in mind which recipes I have planned for … [Read more...]

Toxic Food Extermination: AKA Purge Your Pantry

This week, one of your tasks is to start thinking about how you would rid your diet of the three toxins ( grains, sugar, industrial oils) and what you would eat instead. To get you started, here is a list of items to purge from your pantry and what to buy to replace them. And never fear! We are … [Read more...]