Fit4God was founded by Glenn Turney for the purpose of allowing health conscious individuals to have one site to come to for multiple sources of information. We base everything we do on Biblical principles of healthy living. With an abundance of information available on Health and Nutrition it is comforting to know that our God had a plan before the first diet book was ever written or before the first fitness plan was ever thought up.


Glenn Turney

President of Fit4God and Certified Personal Trainer

Glenn’s Story

Like many of you I was an athlete in high school and in very good physical condition. Also, like many of you after high school I let myself slip physically. I would say it was never drastic but I certainly fell into the overweight category. I did not know much about health and fitness but I did know when my weight got to the point where it made me feel bad. So each time that happened I dieted and usually included exercise in my routine and I would lose the weight and ultimately feel better only to fall back into the same bad habits. It is a bitter cycle that so many people experience.

In March of 2010 I was sitting on the couch watching television with my wife when I started to experience chest pains. I did what most men would do and just tried to ignore them and hope they would go away. As I lay in bed that night the pain persisted to the point that I had to get up. It was at that point that I realized that if I did not make drastic changes there was a good chance I was headed for some serious health problems. I prayed and I asked the Lord to help me change my lifestyle and not just simply lose weight. Since that time I have undergone a transformation in my life both physically and spiritually.

As a direct result of that prayer the Lord has placed a call on my life to get the message out to His people that a change has to be made; a change that addresses our physical bodies that He has created for a purpose. In order to fulfill this call I have pursued and received my personal trainer certification and I plan on pursing a certification in nutrition as well. I continue to educate myself as much as possible on all things related to health and fitness but most of all I pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit to lead me and the Fit4God team in the mission that He has clearly called us to accomplish. So my prayer is simply that each person that reads this will take a few minutes to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. We have each been put on this earth for a short period of time to accomplish a specific purpose and our bodies play a vital role in that purpose. This is your official invitation to begin a journey with us that will lead to you on a lifelong journey of becoming Fit4God!



Kathy’s Story

In August of 2005, I was 32 years old and 160 lbs., had a 5-month old baby, and was newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After our initial devastation, my family and I rallied, the doctors administered intravenous steroids and put me on weekly shots, and things coasted along like that for 3 years. I had poor vision in one eye and a fair amount of fatigue, but we got through it. God very clearly told me to be thankful in everything, and I obeyed with clenched fists and gritted teeth, praying “Thank you, God, for my MS” every day until my bitterness over my diagnosis went away.

After the birth of our second baby in 2008, my symptoms returned with a vengeance – deteriorating eyesight, extreme fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, and tingling and numbness in the left side of my body. I received more steroids and more injections, and was hospitalized for MS flareups 4 times in the year after my daughter was born. Clearly, I was not getting better.

The Lord helped me discover how eating the Standard American Diet (low fat, minimal red meat, lots of carbs, plenty of wheat and sweets) was causing my symptoms. I dropped gluten, dairy, eggs, legumes, yeast, corn, and a few fruits from my diet (foods that I identified as causing symptoms by keeping a meticulous food diary) and within 6 months I felt almost normal again. I effortlessly dropped 40 lbs. and returned to a healthy weight. This experience of healing my overweight, diseased and broken body by eating how God wanted me to eat transformed my life. I was healthy enough to do all the things I wanted to do, and I could sincerely pray “Thank you, God, for my MS,” as I was grateful to have my health back…and I was grateful to have found my true passion: healing through nutrition.

Today I eat and live according to what I believe is God’s Divine Design for my body. I eat plenty of red meat, fish, poultry, and pork; good fats from meat, coconut, butter, and olive oil; an abundance of vegetables and fruits; and some seeds. I am rarely hungry, have constant energy, nap little, and fast easily. I ride my bike or take walks for fun because I feel like moving. I do High Intensity Interval Training two to three times a week. I sleep enough and play often. I don’t count calories or carbs, but eat according to my appetite. I feel better than I ever have in my life.

I am not a nutritionist, dietician, or doctor. I am just a person who has experienced the transforming effect of living and eating according to the Divine Design. My experience has sparked a passion in me for learning about nutrition and sharing that information with as many people as I can. I spend my free time reading and writing about nutrition. I have a B.S. in Advertising, an M.S. in Developmental Psychology, and one year in a Ph.D. program. My training as a researcher in graduate school has served me well as I apply those skills to learning about nutrition. Too often, the medical establishment, including dieticians and nutritionists, are steeped in the conventional wisdom of the Food Pyramid and the Standard American Diet. I claim my status as a nutrition outsider and believe it liberates me to see the truth: that modern industrial foods are toxic and lead to disease, while foods created by God for human fuel are our path to healthy longevity.

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